Monday, September 16, 2019

Best of Singapore

Singapore is where you can see different aspects of tourism. It was once a small city turned into country that made it more special. Who would imagine that a city can be a prominent country? It is due to the fact that they have a high economic standards. Business buildings are everywhere yet the cleanliness is well-maintained.

You will be more interested in exploring Singapore after you find out the places that you may visit .But before that you should have your checklist where you can double-check the things you should bring or prepare before leaving your homeland. Here are the few things below that you may consider:


Singapore Passport

If you already have your passport you should be aware when it will expire. Make sure it is more than 6 months or more than the visa you will hold. As it might be a problem in the Immigration or airport if you have less than that.


Travel to Singapore

You would love to travel with a lesser expense. If you book early you will have a cheaper price. Tips on searching for hotels, you can check where the best spots in that place and see if there is a hotel nearby. So you won’t have to spend more in taxi or walk more. 



It is better to be prepared when you travel. If you have some unexpected allergies, dizziness, nausea or cough, it is better that you are vaccinated before traveling as it is a new place and you might not be used to the weather. You may also bring extra tablets/capsules that suits your health preference.

Bagpack to Singapore

When traveling you should know what are the things you may bring. Those things should be the important things to you and convenient ones. Clothes, some snacks , maybe you might get hungry in the middle of the trip, shoes or extra slippers and some of your personal gadgets.


Visa to Singapore

Some travellers purchase travel insurance, some of them don’t really care. But travel insurance are not that expensive and we can never tell what may occur so better we be safe and prepared. About the visa, you should check if your passport needed one. If not then that will be better and not time consuming. 

But if you do need, you may simply check the website  or search for a legitimate Singapore e-visa agent. You may apply your visa with us. Singapore e-visa online allows you to travel to Singapore with no pain in your head. As it is an electronic visa, you can just apply online. And it won’t take that long. The cost of a Singaporee-visa depends on your nationality or country assessment level. The processing days depends as well. You don’t need to worry, all your details are safe kept and we are not allowed to share it to the public.

Moreover, after you finished all your checklist you will now start picturing yourself to the best places in Singapore. Well, let us give you the below spots were you can enjoy your time:

1. CHANGI AIRPORT -  If you are traveling by air, then you already have the chance to see the Jewel Changi Airport. It is SIngapore’s world-class aviation hub. The  40-meter high Rain Vortex makes it a one of a kind airport. You will probably want to travel by plane in this case.
Chnagi Airport

2. MARINA BAY SANDS - Singapore really has a good architectural designs everywhere. MBS signifies Singapore’s wealth, style and status as a major International City in Southeast Asia. The complex has a mall with a canal running through it. 

 Marina Bay Sands 

3. SINGAPORE FLYER- This is the world’s largest observation wheel. When you are way up here you will see not only Singapore views but you will see some islands of Indonesia at the same time Johor Bahru. There are also different packages you may buy online before you travel or you may buy on the spot. But it will be saving time if you buy online as you need to take the long line.
Singapore Flyer 

4.  UNIVERSAL STUDIOS - It is a big park for all the fun you may have. Especially the kids. Universal studios is not only for children but for those young at heart. You will enjoy here. Even when you apply Singapore E-visa online, there is a package with the ticket to Universal studios and together with the transfer.

Universal Studios 

5.  ASIAN CIVILIZATION MUSEUM - If you wish to have the ambiance of colonial life, you may visit this museum and of course the Empress Place building which was built in 1865. Asian cultures will be sighted here too.

Asian Civilization Musem

6. SENTOSA ISLAND - You wouldn’t have known that Singapore may be a beach destination. But it does have an island and beach called Siloso Beach. You may enjoy outdoor activities here and different adventures.

Sentosa Island

7. CLARKE QUAY - This is  the usual center of trading and commerce in Singapore in the late years. Specifically 19th century where it was a busy station. But now you can still imagine how it was in the late century. It was changed and developed over the years and now a colorful site for tourism.

8.  SINGAPORE BOTANIC GARDEN - It was opened in 1859, being one of the oldest parks. It is believed that it has more than 10,000 species of plants and counting. 

Singapore Botanic Garden

9.   CHINESE AND JAPANESE GARDEN - This place has the largest collection of turtle and tortoise items. Other than that, you may find how China and Japan collaborates in this special garden.

10.   ART SCIENCE MUSEUM -  Missing field trips? Art and Science Museum are the most visited sites for kids and teenagers. So does Singapore. It is really good to visit this place. You will not only be amazed but you will learn more.

You will not be bored in Singapore. These are just some of the hundreds more to find out. And you should find it out yourself. It’s better to see than to hear. Travel to Singapore and explore more.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

SingaPore Foods

If you think Singapore is just a high standard economic country and is only about the majestic lights at night with the Merlion view and Sky Garden experience, well think again. Singaporean food is a diverse ethnic inspired with different elements of local cuisines. Their dishes are one of the tourists reasons of traveling to Singapore. If you still aren't persuaded, then you should try it yourself.

For now, we will just give you some extra details on what you may find in Singapore. Their food is influenced by Malaysians, Indians and Chinese.

Let us give you 5 of them:

  1. The National Dish of Singapore (The Chili Crab) - It is served with rice and sweet chili sauce. It is made of tomato puree, chili flakes, brown sugar, fish sauce, fish stock, the healthy raw mud crab with different spices. All this tastes are fighting into your tastebuds.

  1.  Bak Kut Teh or the Pork Rib Soup - Made of juicy pork ribs simmered for hours in herbal broth to soft. Its juicy and soft texture made your grandma joins your early vacation.

  1. Hainanese Chicken -  A local favorite food, steamed white chicken cut into slices with sweet soy sauce over the aromatic steamed hainanese rice served with chili sauce.

  1. Murtabak or Folded Omelet Pancake - An Indian Food stuffed pancake with chicken, beef or mutton with vegetables.

  1. Nasi Lemak Malay local food -  A rice dish with chicken, sambal or spicy sweet sauce served with anchovies on the side, egg and peanuts.

From the website you will find the ways on how you can go to Singapore hassle-free. If you are eligible to apply and if you do not need a visa at all. Singapore e-visa online allows passengers to travel with electronic visas. During the application, your information and itinerary are needed and all of this will be kept confidential from the Singapore e-visa portal. The Singapore e-visa agent will be the one to communicate with you via email or you may also call them for more clarifications. Once the visa is approved, you may print it and bring with you in the airport and they will scan it.