Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Photography Lane


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Singapore is one of most tourist’s travel lists. Most of you have heard of Merlion, Garden By the Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Night Safari and other big and famous spots. But have you ever heard of this street in Singapore where you can see murals and artworks which really attracts your cameras? It is called Haji Lane.

Haji Lane is at the downtown area of Singapore, their walls are really instagramable. Perfect for the vloggers and influencers in social media. The wall arts of different colors are really catchy to the eyes of tourists and even locals.

In addition, they also have cafes to visit, sit and relax. The Singapura Club a Singapore’s Culture drink with their Dinosaur Milo Drink that is a perfect escape for your thirst and cravings for chocolate drink. 


Selfie Coffee from its name it is  an awesome place to have your hot coffee or cold coffee or frappe and get your perfect shot.


 Juice Clinic from their wall designs, you already know it is not your normal juice bar. A colorful surroundings anywhere you can take a snap from your phone’s camera or dslr.


There are a lot of shops to see and visit at Haji Lane, And it is convenient to other places as it is near MRT Bugis Station. There are also nearby backpackers hotel and hostels to stay.  This is a cheap place to visit as you do not need to bring a lot of money to this spot. Your camera is enough to catch all the interesting things at Haji Lane.

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