Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Botanic Garden - UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Singapore is a place of actions and wealth, this place never sleeps. Its hyper lifestyle and level of development attracts many tourists around the world. At first sight it seems that Singapore such an expensive place to travel to, but even there you can enjoy your time with free activities that are provided on a daily basis.

One of such places is Botanic Garden, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most attractive thing is that the place is free of charge. It presents a diversity of rare plants that you surely have never seen before. At night you will be able to enjoy the magnificent show at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage. 

The place is easily accessible by MRT which makes it so convenient and low cost spent activity. Many tourists as well as locals just pack a picnic and spend their leisure time in Botanic Garden until the night and if they are lucky enough they may enjoy some shooting stars. Isn’t it romantic to have some time with your loved ones in such an atmosphere, forget about boring daily routine and just chillax on the grass by the fountain?

Now that you are convinced that Singapore is a place with very interesting events and free activities, don’t you want to make the dream come true.
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Step 1 
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Step 3 
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